2019 TAIPEI PACK (2019.06.19~6.22)


    Our company DAY YOUNG DAY YOUNG will showcase a variety of disposable tableware including paper cups, PET cups, PET lids, PP cups, PP soup cup lids, fruit boxes, tomato boxes, Deli cups, ice cream cups, yogurt cups, fried chicken buckets, American Takeout boxes, lunch boxes and all kinds of paper lunch boxes meet the needs of customers for all types of food packaging.

    Since 1996, we have continued to innovate and develop new products involving environmental issue to protect the earth in sustainably. We have been manufacturing high-quality and functional food packaging to meet consumers' demand. Our products are qualify for the world Food grad certification FDA & ISO 2200 HACCP under restricted standard. With our continued dedication in this field , our brand has been worldwide expending in Food service distributors, ice cream makers, beverage shops, chain stores, restaurants, and government agencies throughout the country successfully.

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