Paper food trays|Advanced paper food trays supplier - Our paper food trays are more environmentally friendly, non-toxic, heat-resistant and water / oil-repellent than plastic and Styrofoam containers.

Environmental Consciousness

Since protecting our environment is critical, our goal is to produce containers that won’t add an additional burden to our mother earth. Compared to plastic and styrofoam containers, paper containers can be much more environmentally friendly, poison-free, heat–resistant and water/ oil repellent.

Raw Materials-Jumbo Paper Rolls

Day Young cup strictly selects raw materials. All paper rolls must be food grade, approved by the US F.D.A, and FSC accredited. We are seriously concerned about product safety and environmental sustainability.

Coating Technic

The main raw materials are derived from recyclable and renewalable resources, to avoid unnecessary waste or cause environmental pollution.


We have put a lot of effort into developing PLA coated containers which are 100% bio-degradable and waterproof.


Day Young have been provided environmentally friendly high quality products and services for Taiwan for years. We uphold the principle of conscience and morality for our food packaging quality. Use advanced technology and equipment to promote our products all over the world.


One Stop operation production process which meet HACCP and ISO22000 production standards. Our production line has adopted a clean room system. Most of products can be recycled without polluting the environment and wasting resources, in order to protecting existing natural resources for future generation.





Our mission is to provide long term dedication in environmental protection and volunteering in social service, help children in remote areas and disadvantaged groups. Day young continually to contribute to our local communities, while expanding our products and service with global mindset.