【NEW!EPD straw announcement】Newly launched environmentally friendly paper straws


In order to reduce the use of plastic straws, the EPD announced on May 8, 108 "the use of plastic straws to restrict the use of objects and implementation methods", which requires government departments, schools and department stores to operate from July 1, 2008. Shopping malls, chain fast food restaurants and other four types of objects, food and beverage can not provide a plastic straw, but obtain the "biodegradable plastic" environmental label and the factory has attached straws, not under the control。

Wenhe/Ruisheng/Day Young implements true environmental protection and loves the earth, and introduces 100% pure pulp manufacturing of environmentally-friendly paper straws,Non-fluorescent agent, heavy metal, plasticizer by SGS,All kinds of paper straws can be used for external hand-cranked drinks, internal drinks, pearl milk tea, Boba milk tea, etc., easy to use and can be recycled and decomposed.,The paper straw can be immersed in the liquid for a long time and is not soft and rotten. It can be customized according to the caliber, length, color and packaging. The substitute of the plastic straw is the best choice for the paper straw.。

Taiwan professional food paper straw manufacturer passed HACCP and ISO22000 food safety management system certification

Food grade paper with F.D.A. certification and FSC environmental certification, giving you the highest quality. The most secure product.

Made in Taiwan
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Eco Paper Straw Specification

Disposable / Paper Straw / Eco Paper Straw
Description RimΦ(mm) Length(mm) Pcs/Case Case Size(mm)
Paper Straw,White_6” 6 197/210/230/260 2000  280*280*210
Paper Straw,Yellow_6” 197/210/230/260 2000  280*280*210
Paper Straw,Red_6” 197/210/230/260 2000  280*280*210
Paper Straw,Blue_6” 197/210/230/260 2000  280*280*210
Paper Straw,Black_6” 197/210/230/260 2000  280*280*210
Paper Straw,White_8” 197/210/230/260 2000  370*370*210
Paper Straw,Yellow_8” 197/210/230/260 2000  370*370*210
Paper Straw,Red_8” 197/210/230/260 2000  370*370*210
Paper Straw,Blue_8” 197/210/230/260 2000  370*370*210
Paper Straw,Black_8” 197/210/230/260 2000 370*370*210
Paper Straw,White_10” 10  197/210/230/260 1200 355*355*235
Paper Straw,White_12” 12  197/210/230/260 1200  420*420*235