DAY YOUNG implement 3 things, customers can order goods at ease during the epidemic prevention

1. Staff must take temperature measurement, wash hands and disinfect hands before enter work every day
2. Wear a mask when enter the plant.
3. Maintain a good mood

Please ask specific the disposable food services packaging supplies produced by "DAY YOUNG"!!
Manufactory is regularly disinfected.
Products have achieved international accreditation including: ISO9001:2008, FDA, FSC, SGS.
Quality checks, ensure all of our consumers eat healthy and safe


# To go box , #Paper meal box, # Paper Benton box, #Paper soup container, # Paper cup, # Paper hot drink cup, # Plastic cup. # Cup lid, # Straw less lid, # Paper straw are on sale.


Day Young is here to support you.
Office Hour: Mon through Friday 08:00-17:00
TEL : +886-4-852-8984
Official website:


#Thanks for all the hard working quarantine inspector
#Thanks for all the medical staff
#Thanks for all the front line staff
Let’s work through this together.