NO. Sweet Heart Macaron

Sweet Heart Macaron

Use the rich and bright colors to create a thick girl feelings style, druing the food tasting can also appreciate the sweetheart Maccaron to pass a happy taste
You can apply public design to any model
Day young company has professional experience in providing variety of generic design printing to show the aesthetics that suitable for different circumstances , like in the party , cinemas, coffee shop, drinks pavilion , tea shop ,catering restaurant, and all about the food service . Our generic design can be applied to paper products in lunch boxes, snack boxes, burger boxes , and the application in cups , cold drink cup , soft drink cup , coffee cup , heat insulated cups, , beverage cup , hot soup bowl and noodle bowl, ice cream cup , frozen yogurt cup ,and other types of disposable tableware in a stylish design , at the same time we also provide professional customized design services (OEM, ODM) to build up your own brand and bespoke image to expand your name to the world.
Note: Because of the different display in each computer, the pictures and objects will be slightly different , the products should be apply to it physical products.